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Stamp Free label free technology was born out of a real world problem, no stamps available to post an urgent letter, but has grown into so much more than that. Our technology provides the ultimate in customer convenience by enabling anyone to send a letter, parcel and even a return with just a smartphone app (and a pen!). But it also has been developed with carriers in mind to make it as convenient as possible and simple to integrate label free options into their operations.

End user convenience

The Stamp Free Digital Postage Solution™ allows businesses and consumers to use the Stamp Free or white-labelled app to send parcels and letters and return consumer goods without needing a postage stamp or carrier label. Customers simply access a unique Stamp Free Code via the smartphone app either by paying for postage or logging a return, write the code on the item, validate it using our handwriting recognition Artificial Intelligence (AI) built into the app and post as usual. There is no need to have access to stamps, labels or printers ever again.

Stamp Free Carrier Convenience

But, we don’t just want to make life easier for the end user, be that an individual or a business. We have also considered how to make the technology as user friendly from the first mile to the last and as simple for carriers to adopt as possible. The technology is therefore able to be implemented in two ways:

  1. Customer Label Free

All the digital and label free convenience for the customer and totally risk free for carriers. With this option a carrier simply over-labels the parcel on receipt and puts it through its operational network as usual. And as the Stamp Free code unique identifier is written on the item and already validated at source, the over-labelling can occur at any point or time downstream at the convenience of the carrier.

  1. End-to-End Label Free

For those wishing to adopt a fully digital and sustainable route, our technology is fully compatible with most existing carrier technology to offer a completely label free option from first mile to last.  Stamp Free codes can be scanned and read on any item (letters, parcels and returns) in the same way as any barcode, fast and accurately, and our carrier app provides accurate tracking and rich data throughout the journey, all from a simple 6-8 digit code. In addition, removing the need for any hardware and the associated costs of generating parcel labels across the supply chain not only saves money but supports a more environmentally friendly agenda.


Stamp Free carrier convenienceWhichever implementation option is preferred Stamp Free enables carriers to access new markets and customers by offering a sustainable, digital and more convenient choice with little to no impact on usual operations.

If you would like to discuss how we can help you access new markets and provide a better choice to customers, get in touch today.