Introducing, AppFree. The WhatsApp-enabled parcel platform.

In a world that craves convenience, speed, and simplicity, every aspect of our lives, including parcel delivery, should be hassle-free. At Stamp Free, we understand these needs and are proud to present a new, never been done before solution – parcel management and returns via WhatsApp with AppFree – the consumer’s parcel platform.

Powerful yet simple

With no apps to download, no registration process, and no labels to print, we’ve streamlined the entire process to create the ultimate customer journey utilising the world’s most popular messaging service, WhatsApp.

With 2.7 billion global users WhatsApp is the next steps in providing your customers with the what they all want; a hassle free parcel experience, whether outbound or returns.

Available alongside our label free solution or with options for QR codes or printed labels, AppFree provides the very bestt in convenience, connectivity and choice.

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About AppFree

Here’s how

Chat to an AppFree AI advisor via WhatsApp

Customer pays for a parcel or books a return via WhatsApp.

Write Stamp Free code on item or get a label or QR code

Customer can use the Stamp Free label free option or print a label in the usual way.

Scan & Post

The customer either scans the item to validate the return or prints a label, then posts or drops at a locker bank/other PUDO.

Get all parcel tracking updates

With AppFree you can also get immediate updates on all your parcels and returns.
AppFree phonne

AI tech fits your business

Stamp Free technology can be seamlessly integrated into any carrier business with Digitrack. Scan, validate and track from receipt to delivery, thanks to our smart AI handwriting recognition technology. No costly investment. Works perfectly with existing equipment – as an API connection for fixed sortation machines, as an app for hand-held devices/smartphones.

  • Digitrack is a secure and infinitely scalable solution
  • No extra equipment, it works with your existing processes
  • Digitrack supports both manual and machine sortation
  • Scan, validate and track accurately in seconds thanks to AI tech
  • Offers sheer convenience for you and your customers

Are we the missing ‘e’ in your e-biz?



Quick & easy for the customer with no apps to download.


Label free, or can use QR codes or traditional labels.


Drop off and validate at locker banks/other parcel lockers for real flexibility.


Our validation technology and photo-capture tackles fraud.


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