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Canada’s largest smart locker network, Snaile, has contracted Stamp Free to begin a trial of its fully end-to-end label free technology to provide a convenient, sustainable label free and cost saving method of sending parcels and returns through its lockers.

The trial will see Stamp Free’s technology initially being piloted amongst multi-residential buildings such as condominiums and apartments, across 55+ Canadian towns and cities Snaile currently operates in. Phase 1 of the pilot will concentrate on locker-to-locker label free deliveries for residents of buildings featuring a Snaile locker system and is planned to launch for Q1 2023. Phase 2 will expand to locker-to-address, returns, and international parcel and mail delivery, and is slated to begin in Q2 2023.

The Stamp Free Digital Postage Solution™ allows businesses and consumers to use the Stamp Free or a white-labelled app to send parcels and letters, as well as return consumer goods, without the need for a postage stamp or carrier label. Stamp Free enables a completely end-to-end label free journey, with no over-labelling required. All that is required is a smartphone to generate and then validate a code prior to the item being sent, with the code able to be scanned and tracked by carriers and lockers just like a traditional label.

The label free technology has won numerous awards since its inception in 2020 as a cost-saving, sustainable and convenient way for customers to send parcels and manage returns without the need for labels or printers.

Patrick Armstrong, CEO of Snaile, said:, “As Canada’s No.1 parcel locker company, Snaile has contracted with Stamp Free to pilot their AI phone-based label free solution within Snaile’s locker network. On the back of a successful pilot, Stamp Free’s label free technology for lockers will be rolled out nationwide.”​

​Hugh Craigie Halkett, Managing Director of Stamp Free, commented, “We are delighted to be working with Snaile on this pilot programme. Snaile and Stamp Free are both committed to innovation and providing solutions that meet the demands of time-poor customers who are driven by convenience and service.”