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Is providing tech-heavy tracking and data access without the heavy price tag a challenge? How about a light touch, digital, label free solution to make life easier for you and your customers?

Why Stamp Free?

The Stamp Free Digital Postage Solution means sheer convenience for both you and your customers – a seamless journey that can either be end-to-end label free or customer-only label free. Our world-leading AI technology guarantees a secure, contact-free journey and provides you with access to untapped data so you really get to know your customer. Stamp Free protects your revenue from fraud and underpayments. It can be fully integrated into your business, website, app or stand alone.

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The technology

AWS + AI tech = secure, seamless integration

A central hub links customer, carrier and locker in one convenient process. Carriers’ systems integrated to hub via API for fixed or app for manual sortation. When a customer buys a product via app or carrier website, a pre-advice is generated. Patented AI technology instantly reads and validates codes on mail items. Information fed back creates tracking data. Powered by AWS. Highly secure. Infinitely scalable.

Carrier Facing
  • API connection for machine sortation
  • Digitrack app for manual sortation
Customer Facing
  • Stamp Free App
  • Carrier’s App
  • Other App
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Benefit 1

Protect your revenue

Improve the user experience for your customer and get a competitive edge for your business.  Offers you and your customers a digital end-to-end genuinely label-free journey for mail items or returns.  All our contact-free digital products are accessible via an app using a mobile phone/tablet.

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Benefit 2

The green stuff matters

Stamp Free reduces your you and customer’s impact on the planet, eliminating the need for printers, ink and labels. With Stamp Free’s label-free products for mail items and returns, the world’s forests will thank you. Not to mention your customers whose own customers are demanding an eco-friendly service.

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Benefit 3

Sheer convenience

Improve the user journey for your customer and get a competitive edge. Your customers have a choice between a traditional label-based carrier or one who offers digital, ‘joined up’ solutions contact-free and accessible on an app. One that eliminates the need for printers or expensive IT. Who do they choose?

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Benefit 4

Minimal kit required

With Stamp Free you can offer your customer sheer, one hundred per cent digital convenience. No IT infrastructure investment.Label-free mail and returns. All they need is their smartphone and the app.

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A solution for every need
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Returning parcels

A genuinely label free, no-address returns service for carriers & customers. Cost-saving and secure.


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Sending parcels

Individual and low-volume consumers and business customers can send mail and parcels stamp and label free via an app.

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For carriers to scan validate and track parcels and returns using existing hardware.


Meet the challenge

Step up to digital age challenges with Stamp Free’s digital products.

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