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Using AI technology, the label free products that make up the Stamp Free Digital Postage Solution meet every customer need. No stamp, no print, no label – no hassle. And we provide risk free implementation options for carriers.

About Us
A label free solution for every need
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Returning Parcels

A label free returns service for e-tailers/retailers that saves them money. No need to write the address, just a simple code.

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Sending parcels

Allows individuals and low-volume businesses to send parcels label free via our simple to use app.

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Scanning parcels

The Digitrack app allows carriers to scan validate and track parcels and returns using existing hardware.

The technology

AWS + AI tech = secure, seamless integration

A central hub links customer, carrier and locker in one convenient process. Carriers’ systems integrated to hub via API for fixed or app for manual sortation. When a customer buys a product via app or carrier website, a pre-advice is generated. Patented AI technology instantly reads and validates codes on mail items. Information fed back creates tracking data. Powered by AWS. Highly secure. Infinitely scalable.

Carrier Facing
  • API connection for machine sortation
  • Digitrack app for manual sortation
Customer Facing
  • Stamp Free App
  • Carrier’s App
  • Other App

Our Products

Sending parcels label free

A convenient, digital way for consumers & businesses to send parcels using just a phone/tablet and an app without the bother of managing and printing labels.

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Access Method

Obtain a Stamp Free code through a phone app or company website.

Posting Method

Items can be posted in the usual way e.g. in the post box.

Postage Type

Customers simply write a code on their parcel with the address.

Sortation method

The first scan validates using AI technology. Later scans track each step to final delivery.

Returns needn’t cost the earth

Label free, eco-friendly returns for e-tailer and carrier. No need to write an address. No more including returns labels in every box, no stamps or printing labels at home.

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Access Method
Through a phone/tablet & app or the retailers’ website.
Posting Method
Once the return item is ready to go, post as usual or drop at locker.
Postage Type
The customer simply writes the Stamp Free code (no address) on the returns item.
Sortation method
First scan validates item. Later scans track each step to final delivery.

Digitrack app for carrier management

The Digitrack app offers speed, accuracy & easy handling of Stamp Free codes for carriers who use manual sortation. Like the Stamp Free API integrated option – but on a phone or hand-held device.

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Access Method
Subscribe via the app and receive pre-printed barcode stickers or envelopes.
Posting Method
Barcoded mail is scanned using the Shipcode and sent as usual.
Postage Type
Bulk scanning activates the barcodes to assign correct postage.
Sortation method
The standard barcode works with existing sortation systems.

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