Convenience Is Everything

“Sending a parcel should be as simple as sending a text.”


The Stamp Free Digital Postage Solution™ makes it easy for businesses and consumers who send parcels and mail or make returns. Equally importantly it makes it easy for the carriers who handle and deliver them.

In 2018 we came up with our digital answer to the label. Our products are bringing shipping into the digital age by making sending parcels and returns completely label free. Our team continues to work with innovators to develop effective end-to-end solutions.

Hugh Craigie HalkettCEO and Founder

Our Story

Our founder Hugh’s light-bulb moment came in 2018. Driving through pouring rain to buy a stamp, he suddenly wondered, if an email can cross the world in less time than queuing for a stamp, why do it? Why not use an app to send and receive parcels and letters? Stamp Free became the first independent company to offer a digital alternative. Our products include all the benefits of stamp-free posting, barcode shipping for higher volume and label-free returns. Working with one of our investors Dr Ronjon Nag, AI pioneer of machine handwriting recognition and Prime Vision, we are further developing our solutions. We are based in Edinburgh and Cambridge in the UK.

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

At Stamp Free we value diversity, equality and inclusion. Our belief is that these values are good for the company, for business, and simply, are right. We respect and value people from all backgrounds, including gender, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation and disability.

Our Team

Our management team has a spectrum and depth of experience spanning the postal, carrier, technology and finance industries.

Hugh Craigie Halkett

CEO and Founder

A ‘serial entrepreneur’, Hugh spent 25 years in the technology and alternative finance sectors before coming up with the concept of Stamp Free.

Alan Barrie

Non-Exec Chair

Former Director of Operations & Technology at IPC, Alan has also held senior roles at Royal Mail. His experience shapes our business strategy as we roll out our products around the world.

Tim Higginbotham

Chief Information Officer

Tim has spent 30 years in the IT industry, the last 11 years with Royal Mail. He brings director-level experience to drive Stamp Free’s IT and product development.

Peter Moniak

Chief Revenue Officer
A self motivated, commercially driven and highly experienced senior business development executive with over 25 years sales experience in digital, e-commerce/e-retail, enterprise and mobile companies.

Stephen Findlay

Chief Finance Officer

An experienced investor himself, Stephen has over 20 years of experience working with start ups and scaling businesses.

Vicki Whetton

Chief Marketing Officer

Vicki has over 20 years of strategic marketing experience having worked for agencies in both London and Edinburgh as well as in in-house roles spanning technology and life science.

Dr. Ronjon Nag

AI Advisor

Inventor, AI pioneer and entrepreneur Ronjon has founded many start-ups. He sold his companies, which use cutting-edge machine handwriting recognition technology, to Apple, Blackberry and Motorola. This is the same tech we use for verification in our digital postage products.

Ian Jones

Postal Advisor

Recently Director of Business Transformation and Chief of Staff at Royal Mail’s UK, Ian's advice and support provides the rudder to steer us forwards.

Miki Fairfax

Investment Advisor

As an investment advisor and business angel, Miki has been invaluable to Stamp Free as we completed our most recent investment round. Her advice will be key for investment rounds to come.

Pavan Manocha

Sustainability Advisor

An international thought-leader with twenty-five years of operations management and sustainability consulting, research, and start-up board advisory experience. Areas of specialization include project management and technology application integration.

Alexander Soare

AI Advisor

Alex is an expert in deep learning and AI for computer vision. He began life as a quantum physicist, then went on to work on Business & Product in logistics-tech start-ups. Using this diverse skill set, his goal is building AI systems that solve tangible real-world problems.

Our Partners