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Great news for small businesses and marketplace sellers who are regularly sending up to 50 parcels per day. Stamp Free’s award winning technology not only enables parcel shipping with just a smartphone; no printers, no labels, no queueing. But it is also the quickest and simplest way to send multiple parcels in one go without any need for costly hardware (such as printers and laptops).

The reality is, that most small businesses and marketplace sellers are sending more than one parcel per day. Stamp Free’s multi-product capability makes it so simple to send up to 50 parcels at one time in one single transaction.

Simply log in to the Stamp Free or white label app, choose how many parcels you are sending, fill in the parcel and destination details for each item and pay for all your parcels in one transaction.

Your unique Stamp Free code will be generated for each item. Simply write the address and Stamp Free code directly on the package (no label required) and scan with the app to validate. Your parcels are then ready (paid for and pre-advised to the carrier) and ready for drop off at your local shop or locker.

Stamp Free multiple parcel

You can then check the status of all your parcels and track them at any time in one handy view in the app.

Whilst there are other online services that enable you to book parcel delivery online, all require a label to either be printed at point of purchase or when you drop parcels off. With Stamp Free all you need is a mobile phone. It can also avoid the cost of franking machines and, with a business account, it enables anyone within a business with the app to simply and easily send parcels.

The technology is also ideal for countries with less developed infrastructure, where taking parcels to a Post Office just isn’t convenient and where small businesses are often crippled by outdated technology.

Not only does this capability with Stamp Free make the sending of multiple parcels more convenient, it is also more sustainable too, reducing the number of labels in use, as well as saving time and money without the need for printers and franking machines.

Multiple parcel capability is just one of many product updates on our on-going development path – keep a look out for more.