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In a dynamic world shaped by advancing technology and evolving consumer behaviours, Stamp Free is proud to have been instrumental in developing this Postal and Parcel Trend Survey, a comprehensive exploration supported and funded by our commitment to enhancing global postal and carrier services.

Our primary objective in conducting this survey was to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and priorities facing postal and carrier companies over the next 3-5 years, while also recognising the diverse nuances across different global regions.

The survey highlights two critical areas of focus for Stamp Free: digitalisation and sustainability. An overwhelming 83% of respondents believe that digitalisation will exert a substantial influence on the postal and parcel market in the coming years. Furthermore, the unanimous agreement among participants—100%—on the importance of sustainability within their organisations underscores the industry’s collective commitment to environmental responsibility.

As a trailblazer in artificial intelligence (AI), Stamp Free recognises the challenges highlighted in this survey associated with its adoption. However, we also see tremendous potential in leveraging AI to overcome obstacles and drive innovation within the industry. Our expertise positions us uniquely to assist postal and carrier companies in navigating the complexities of AI integration effectively.

Convenient access points and label free solutions emerge as pivotal factors in the quest for streamlined returns management. Stamp Free’s dedication to addressing these needs is reflected in our label free and AppFree solutions, which offer unparalleled convenience and efficiency for businesses and consumers alike.

We hope that you enjoy reading the report and thank you to Bernhard Bukovc at Postal Innovation Platform for his expertise, time and insights in working with us on this report.

Read the summary report here or get in touch for the full version.