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Stamp Free, the Edinburgh and Cambridge based digital alternative to stamps and postage labels has been honoured with the Tech Innovation of the Year Award by the UK Tech Awards, sponsored by PWC.

Adding to its award win for Innovation and Technology at the World Post & Parcel Awards earlier this year, and its Parcel and Postal Technology award win for Retail / Customer Services of the Year in 2021, this new award validates the game-changing technology Stamp Free offers and the impact it is making in the post, parcel and logistics sector.

The Stamp Free Digital Postage Solution™ allows businesses and consumers to use the Stamp Free or white-labelled app to send parcels and letters, as well as return consumer goods, without the need for a postage stamp or carrier label. It enables a completely end to end label free journey.

Utilising machine handwriting recognition as a core part of its technology, Stamp Free also benefits postal carriers by removing issues associated with postage stamps such as fraud, liabilities and the cost of printing. Its benefit to the environment is also huge as it will help reduce the need for over 10 million trees that are required every year to support the 200 billion parcels sent globally each year.

Hugh Craigie Halkett, Managing Director of Stamp Free, said:Innovation is at the heart of Stamp Free and we work with the best Artificial Intelligence available to power our product. We are at an exciting stage in our development with another fundraise by the end of the year and trials currently underway. This award win is another superb validation of our technology and the impact it will make.”