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EDINBURGH, Scotland: 2 November 2021 – Stamp Free Limited, the digital postage stamp company, has launched its new Digitrack app, an AI-based postal validation and tracking app for carriers.

The Digitrack app can be downloaded onto an operative’s smartphone or other handheld device to increase the speed, accuracy and easy handling of mail items that use the Stamp Free Digital Postage Solution™ that replaces a stamp or barcode labelling with a handwritten code. The Digitrack app works in three ways:

  • Scan: The postal operative just points their smartphone/handheld device at the mail item. Our AI technology instantly and accurately recognises the handwriting on the mail item.
  • Validate: AI technologyvalidates the code on a letter or parcel to know it’s all paid and correct. The operative simply clicks ‘validate’ on-screen after scanning, which can be done in seconds throughout the delivery journey.
  • Track: When operatives photograph a mail item (such as to provide evidence of delivery), the AI engine automatically extracts the label information to update the carrier’s central system to provide their customers with tracking updates.

The Digitrack app complements Stamp Free’s existing API that enables validation through a carrier’s automated sortation process.

Stamp Free launched the Digitrack app during a successful week at the 2021 Parcel & Post International Expo in Vienna, where Stamp Free took home the coveted Retail and Customer Service Innovation of the Year award.

Hugh Craigie Halkett, Managing Director of Stamp Free, said: “Not only are we providing consumers and businesses with the ability to send parcels, letters and returns just by using their mobile phone, but we are now providing postal and carrier services with the equivalent benefit. Postal and carrier operatives will have the ability to scan and validate handwritten codes on mail items with the same speed and accuracy as they would conventional barcodes, which will increase the efficiency of the mail sort process. This is made possible by the use of artificial intelligence, which we believe will transform the postal and carrier industry by enabling a truly label-free and contact-free mail and returns journey.”

Tim Higginbotham, IT Director of Stamp Free, discussed Digitrack at the Parcel & Post International Expo here.

Learn more about Digitrack here.

About the Retail and Customer Service Innovation of the Year award

The Retail and Customer Service Innovation of the Year award was claimed by Stamp Free at the 2021 Parcel & Post International Expo that took place 12 – 14 October in Vienna, Austria. The award recognises the dramatic change experienced by the retail sector in the postal industry. It is a wonderful validation of the Stamp Free Digital Postage Solution™, and we look forward to offering postal companies and carriers the benefits of our mobile phone-based digital postage products to their customers, both businesses and consumers.


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Hugh Craigie Halkett 


About Stamp Free 

The Stamp Free Digital Postage Solution™ (“The Solution”) is targeted at postal and logistics sectors, the solution is the first in the world to be offered by a company independent of postal services. The Company has filed a patent application for its Stamp Free Digital Postage Solution™. Product information can be found at 

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