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Stamp Free: The First Mile Delivery Experts

Why revolutionising the first mile is as important as the last mile

Having attended Leaders in Logistics in March, one of the over-riding themes over the two days was the importance of the final mile, with much technology and investment focused on improving this area of the logistics journey.

But what about the start of the journey? Particularly the customer’s experience of sending a parcel or a return. With customer experience being essential in ecommerce conversion (according to Hubspot 93% of customers are likely to make repeat purchases with companies who offer excellent customer service throughout the journey) surely this vital mile deserves as much attention and innovation as the final mile?

Why the first mile is as important as the final mile?

  1. Easy returns are critical

E-commerce has experienced huge growth in recent years and competition is intense. It’s more important now than ever for retailers and carriers to do everything they can to ensure the highest customer satisfaction. And with at least 30% of all products ordered online being returned, and 92% of consumers surveyed saying that they will buy again if product return process is easy, the returns experience for a customer is as important as the delivery experience.

  1. The new growth area: C2C

As we looked at in a previous blog, customer to customer transactions are due to increase 60% by 2025 with the explosion of reCommerce platforms such as Vinted and eBay as well as rental sites such as Hurr. Customers need a reliable, flexible and convenient first mile to make it as simple as possible to ship multiple items.

  1. Time saving and accuracy

The first mile can have a significant impact on the overall speed of delivery. If the first mile is slow or inefficient, it can delay the entire delivery process, resulting in unhappy customers and possibly increased costs for all parties. The first mile is also critical for tracking and visibility. By accurately tracking goods at the beginning of the journey enables reduced risk of lost or damaged shipments.

Stamp Free provides innovative solutions to power efficiency, cost saving and above all else customer convenience to the very start of the journey. Our technology removes the reliance of labels and printers yet enables parcels and returns to be validated at source ensuring that every item arrives fully validated into the carrier network reducing all risks.

You could say we’re the first mile experts.

As the first mile delivery experts, talk to us today about how we can help you make the most of the first mile, to create competitive advantage and provide your customers with the solutions that they are looking for.