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Stamp Free; a returns platform that customers really want

As your online store expands, the number of returns is also on the rise. It can be burdensome for your customer service team, if you even have one, to handle return requests, especially when they constitute anywhere from 10% to 40% of online purchases. This delay in addressing return issues can lead to customer frustration and could put customers off shopping with you in the future.

A recent study conducted by TheCircularBoard discovered that a significant 54% of online shoppers in Britain regularly initiate returns for their purchases. Furthermore, the research revealed that 32% of shoppers occasionally engage in the return process. These findings indicate that nearly 9 out of 10 customers will inevitably encounter and navigate a seller’s return policy at some point underscoring the substantial impact returns have on online retailers.

According to a study conducted by Narvar, a renowned post-purchase customer experience platform, a remarkable 96% of online shoppers expressed their willingness to return an item to a business if they provided a seamless and hassle-free returns policy. These findings show just how significant a customer-friendly returns process is in building trust, loyalty, and repeat business among online shoppers.

To optimize your customer support resources and to provide a seamless returns experience that customers really want, now is the ideal time to explore Stamp Free’s returns platform.

Stamp Free returns can be fully managed by customers on their phones with full traceability and status of every return available to them in a simple to use dashboard. Plus, with Stamp Free returns there is no need to include any return labels in the box and customers don’t need access to a printer either. A simple Stamp Free code is generated once a return is logged and this is written on the parcel being returned. The return, and code, are validated in the app using AI which notifies the retailer what item is being returned. Customers can then drop off or send in the usual way.


Stamp Free returns platform


With Stamp Free, retailers have access to our partner carriers or can be integrated with your preferred partner. Parcels also have the ability to go through the entire journey label free or can be over-labelled at any stage in the journey. Due to the unique code on every parcel, containing the same information as a barcoded label, no parcel will ever be lost again.

From independent research, we know that Stamp Free is the returns solution that customers really want. A huge 93% of online shoppers polled said that they would prefer to use Stamp Free over existing returns solutions.

Stamp Free returns

For retailers looking to:

  • Attract new customers
  • Improve the customer experience
  • Reduce lost parcels
  • Drive sustainability

Talk to us today about how Stamp Free can revolutionise your returns.