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Here at Stamp Free we’re aware of the power of our patented handwritten code. It’s so convenient for the customer and, given that we can hold an infinite amount of data to go with it, it creates huge potential for the carrier, retailer and PUDO operator too. We love the simplicity, eco credentials and convenience that has created such huge interest across the world, reflected by the numerous awards we’ve been honoured to receive.

But whilst we are delighted by this success, we’re not ones to rest on our laurels. Now we have taken a significant leap forward in how this technology can be used, developing several remarkable enhancements that makes our online lives much easier. Here’s a quick tour on our top three new features:

  1. Your personal parcel dashboard

Shopping online is now second nature. But it’s a complicated process when it comes to parcel deliveries and returns. So, we have developed your very own parcel dashboard which means that for any parcels you are due to receive, whether it be an online purchase or a friend sending you a gift, will be saved in one place irrespective of where you’ve bought it and who from. This is in addition to seeing any parcels you have sent, all in one place. Gone are the days when you need dozens of apps and logins just to deal with parcels!

  1. Validated Returns

Participating retailers can now capitalise on our simple returns platform too. We can deal with individual items purchased, enabling validated returns all from the same dashboard mentioned above. Stamp Free can now manage parcels from point of purchase through to point of return, making it super easy for your customers whilst providing total visibility on consumer behaviour.

  1. Say goodbye to queues

Our new self-service console creates a cost-effective solution for Post Offices and other retail access points. Customers can now walk into any PUDO outlet and simply scan their unique ID and drop-off parcels without having to queue. We can even connect to a label printer for carriers who want to continue using their barcoded label, or easily print out CN22’s for international parcels.

These are in addition to our AppFree product which means consumers don’t even need to download an app to access all of this functionality.

We love to make a customer’s life easier. If they win, you win.

Come and talk to us about how we can create a fantastic ROI for you with these latest features.