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In this ChannelX Whitepaper, we explore how Artificial Intelligence transforms the postal and logistics sectors.

One simple code, generated by an app and written on a parcel that contains all the information that a seller, customer and carrier needs to get that item to its destination. That’s the aim of Stamp Free.

Today, every parcel needs a label, but is the way we approach labelling as set in stone as we think?

Up until this point, labelling has travelled a tired path that has become subject to certain complications. During the rush to accommodate consumer demands in the ecommerce boom, companies hurriedly evolved their services, yet skipped over one of the best opportunities to add convenience.

Although the label has undergone some digitalisation – buying labels online for example – Stamp Free are taking that even further to allow better optimisation of your capabilities and offerings. In this white paper, will provide you with the answers to meeting consumer demands that will make your life easier.

We’ll examine small and medium sized business needs, how carriers and marketplaces fit into the equation, and the perennial problem of returns and making everything convenient for the consumer. We also explore how AI transforms our smartphone lives and how intelligent technology can unlock a future without labels.

Download your free copy of ‘Going Stamp Free, Sending and receiving from the palm of your hand’ here.