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How about a genuine end-to-end label free trackable journey which makes life easier both for you and your customers?

What’s in it for you?

Validating items and getting paid correctly can be a challenge for locker providers. You may not know what is being sent until the customer has paid (or underpaid) and the item dropped. Surcharging is difficult. Our AI technology ensures mail items and returns are validated at the drop off, removing the need for checks downstream. The customer will know how much to pay. If they still underpay, Stamp Free enables you to surcharge.

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The technology

AWS + AI tech = secure, seamless integration

A central hub links customer, carrier and locker in one convenient process. Carriers’ systems integrated to hub via API for fixed or app for manual sortation. When a customer buys a product via app or carrier website, a pre-advice is generated. Patented AI technology instantly reads and validates codes on mail items. Information fed back creates tracking data. Powered by AWS. Highly secure. Infinitely scalable.

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  • API connection for machine sortation
  • Digitrack app for manual sortation
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  • Stamp Free App
  • Carrier’s App
  • Other App
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Benefit 1

Know your customer

With Stamp Free technology you’ll get to know your customer a whole lot better. Customer and pre-advice information on mail items and returns before you pick them up cuts out nasty surprises. You can be 100% certain the customer provided accurate information and paid correctly.

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Benefit 2


Stamp Free offers a digital solution from end-to-end, which means less harm to the planet from inks and printed labels. All scanning and validation is done label-free using an app on a mobile phone or tablet.

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Our technology offers sheer 100% convenience to locker providers, retailers and locker users. Your customers won’t have the bother of printing labels and their items will be validated at drop-off. There is even a numerical code to enter as a back-up should the QR code not be read!

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A solution for every need
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Individual and low-volume business customers can send mail stamp free via an app.

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No hassle bulk sending for small/medium businesses with large volumes, using pre-printed dumb barcodes.Specific postage value assigned along with pre-advice info at point of despatch.

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An end-to-end label-free, no address returns service that is more convenient and secure for both your customer and you.


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