Returning parcels

Sheer convenience for customer and carrier with end-to-end label free returns.

Powerful yet simple

Stamp Free offers a no-hassle, end-to-end label free returns journey for carriers and customers. Cost-saving and secure for retailers, easy and contact-free for their customers. No need to write an address. Access a Stamp Free code on your phone, write it on the return, then post or drop and validate at a locker or alternative PUDO. Stamp Free reduces your impact on the planet too. Like all Stamp Free products, it can be customised to the carrier/retailer business or stand alone. Our technology ensures a completely secure, trackable and label free journey.

How it works
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About Returning Parcels

Here’s how

Get a Stamp Free code

Customer accesses the online instructions to get a code.

Write Stamp Free code on return

Customer writes the code on the parcel – no address needed.

Scan & Post

The customer scans the item to validate the return, then posts or drops at a locker bank/other PUDO.
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AI tech fits your business

Stamp Free technology can be seamlessly integrated into any carrier business with Digitrack. Scan, validate and track from receipt to delivery, thanks to our smart AI handwriting recognition technology. No costly investment. Works perfectly with existing equipment – as an API connection for fixed sortation machines, as an app for hand-held devices/smartphones.

  • Digitrack is a secure and infinitely scalable solution
  • No extra equipment, it works with your existing processes
  • Digitrack supports both manual and machine sortation
  • Scan, validate and track accurately in seconds thanks to AI tech
  • Offers sheer convenience for you and your customers

Are we the missing ‘e’ in your e-biz?



Quick & easy for the customer. No paperwork for the seller.


No need for computers, printers or printing returns labels.


Drop off and validate at locker banks/other parcel lockers for real flexibility.


Our validation technology and photo-capture tackles fraud.


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